Pokemon GO is becoming quite a lonely place

Pokemon GO is becoming quite a lonely place

Man, was I sure this was going to happen! I think it was only about 3 months ago that this 'fad' (yeah, that's what it was), reached its peak popularity. People were panicking that it was going to take over the world and what not. Religious scaredy cats were afraid the youth generation was going to be lost to the game forever. It was (and still is, I think) called "the biggest mobile game in history". Well, that may be, but it was bound to happen. I am just surprised it happened so fast!

Personally, I was never a serious player of the game. But could not escape the 'buzz' around it. For a month or two there was nothing else to be heard of on Facebook, Twitter, etc. BUT Pokemon GO. It was like they found a cure for cancer or something!

The biggest mistake the developers made was to launch it too soon - they launched it before it was really ready. You don't create such a huge game, with the potential to create addiction, and make it SO easy to finish. That's the reality: the game was too easy - some guy in the UK collected ALL pokemons in about two weeks. Where's the challenge in that?

When Niantic realised they were losing control, they started pulling features to make it harder and slow addicts down (like the ability to see how many 'steps' needed to get to one of the pokemons). When third-party developers created their own feature to address that, they got shut down by Niantic. So instead of adding new features to the game, they focused on killing trackers. That kinda upset developers and fans. Not to mention they promised so many new features and never implemented them.

So, "losing steam" is a very conservative statement! Niantic rubbing their hands thinking they had 'taken over the world'? Rejoicing at the fact that you can centrally lure the population of the planet to 'hotspots' and get them mugged, assaulted, raped or their phone stolen? In the meantime, kids are going back to their Xboxes, Playstations and warm homes where they're not walking about in the rain. And with winter coming in Europe, I don't see them stepping out anytime soon, even if the game does bring out some 'innovative' features.

Good riddance! Let's see what the next mass-hysteria's going to be. My money's on this! Oh, wait...