Cheap movie rip offs for popular blockbusters

Cheap movie rip offs for popular blockbusters

For the movie buffs out there, lately it is no news that the rhythm at which Hollywood brings out new movies has quickened significantly. Not a day goes by that there's not a new trailer to watch, teaser to drool over, new heroes being manufactured, existing ones re-made, re-fashioned, sequels being released left and right. And some of them are not half bad. But there seems to be a category of cheap movie rip offs, gone horribly wrong movies that mostly feature 'actors' you've never heard of. Not saying they're all bad, they're just awful. And you know what's more awful? When these movies speculate the date when a popular movie comes out and they release their movie at the same time, or just before that.

But that's not all. They re-design their posters and advertising to resemble what has been released to promote the popular movie, in hopes that ignorant viewers and customers will buy and watch their movie thinking it was the popular one, released early. And they don't stop at stealing just the aesthetics of the poster, some of them can't even think of an original title for their movies! No doubt, there are plenty of viewers out there eager to watch the most recent blockbuster, only to find they've been horribly tricked, particularly if you live in a country where the release date of most popular movies is behind the US by weeks or months (such as the UK). And what's worse, if you buy one of these 'marvels of cinema' from iTunes or Google Play, good luck getting your money back once you've pressed 'Play'.

Anyway, to name and shame a few of these cheap movie rip offs, here are a few 'movie' posters I've collected over time that try to pose as 'the real thing'. To eliminate any confusion, on the LEFT column you have the real, popular movie and on the RIGHT, the imitators.

Here are a few cheap movie rip offs

Pacific Rim vs Atlantic Rim

Should have tried something more original than the word 'rim', albeit for a different ocean. 'Shore', 'coast', 'beaches'?

Pacific Rim vs. Atlantic Rim

Cars Movie - The Little Cars

The Cars Movie and The Little Cars

Alice in Wonderland- Alice: The Darker Side of the Mirror

Blue dress, walking away from camera Alice, clever use of the over-saturated reds as most of the Alice marketing material.

Alice in Wonderland cheap movie rip off

The Martian - The Martian War

The Martian and The Martian War

Battleship - American Battleship

Battleship and American Battleship

Iron Man - Metal Man

Iron Man vs. Metal Man

Happy Feet - Tappy Toes

No, he's not "winging it"! He's sticking his shoes up his bum!

Happy Feet vs. Tappy Feet

Battle: LA - Battle of Los Angeles

Clearly there can be battles in other cities...

Battle LA vs Battle of Los Angeles

Hansel & Gretel - Hansel and Gretel

Girl and boy brother? Check! Leather outfits? Check! Bad lighting? Um... check?!

Hansel and Gretel

The Princess and the Frog - The Frog Prince

Princess and Frog vs. Frog Prince

The Day the Earth Stood Still - The Day the Earth Stopped

Standing still == stopping! No?

The Day the Earth Stood Still vs The Day the Earth Stopped

Brave - Kiara the Brave

Brave vs Kiara the Brave

Snakes on a Plane - Snakes on a Train

How about weasels on a submarine? Or spiders on a helicopter? The sky's the limit!

Snakes on a Plane vs. Snakes on a Train

Transformers - Transmorphers

It rhymes!

Transformers vs. Transmorphers

Paranormal Activity - Paranormal Entity

Paranormal Activity vs. Paranormal Entity

Kung Fu Panda - Chop Kick Panda

I'm sure there are other animals that can do kung-fu!

Kung Fu Panda - Chop Kick Panda